536E Pre Worlds Reveal/Teaser

We decided to create a simple, reliable robot for worlds this year.
6 High Speed Motor Drive
2 Torque 1:5 Lift
2 Intake
2 pneumatic forward shooter

We also have a special autonomous program that is useful when going against specific robots… (I will not elaborate more at this time, but maybe later)

CAD Video


Looks like a nice bot guys! Do you have some sort of anti tip mechanism/tipping problems at all? The wheel base seems pretty narrow and higher off the ground. Good luck at Worlds

Thank you. We do not have any backwards tipping problems, when we rarely tip forward we can get back up quickly. The base is 2.25 inches off the ground, 1 foot wide, and about 15 in long.

Im interested in this special autonomous routine:D when do you think youll specify??

We have been using it the past 2 years. Some local teams have noticed us using it. It has gone by the names of “Program R”, “Program C”, or “Program S.” I will let future members of the club decide if it should be released

Or, it could just be our music… (Just Kidding)

I would guess it is pretty versatile, can be changed on the fly, and is *driven *to succeed.
I would not release it.
Pretty solid animation.
Why did you choose not to hang?

I think you know what it is. We choose not to hang because we wanted a simple design, we only had 2 motors for the lift, wanted the lift to be fast, and thought that only 1 team can hang in a match, so there would be an average chance that you would be paired with a hanging team.

Hun… special autonomous avaliable for multiple games… interesting. I guess it would be defense program or using game objects as obstacles against opposing robot.

I suggest you read my post. It is not a standard strategy auto for all games because it changes on the fly therefore able to be completely different at any different competition throughout the year.