536E Turning Point Robot Reveal

Motor Configuration:
4 motor 200rpm holonomic drive
1 motor intake
1 motor catapult
1 motor cap flipper/scraper
1 motor cap park

See you in the Science Division!


That park is awesome!


That park… … … … …


@idek @Electrobotz I was trying to figure out what park you were talking about, then I realized that was a park. :astonished:

Good luck at worlds 536E!


Woah… Just…


Very nice. Interesting to see how much time strafing saves in auton.


Wow…I’ve never seen such genius in vex robotics before. Incredible job guys. The build quality is amazing, the robot looks clean, and it functions even better. How do you manage to simply outclass every other robot out there? Good luck to all the science teams that have to play against this beast of a machine. Ggwp go next fast.


Long time lurker, winner of last year’s Math Division Build Award, and 6th time poster here,

I’ve been following this year’s competition really closely and I have to say, out of the many, many, many videos I’ve seen of ALL of this year’s vex robots, this one probably has to be the best. And not just the video! The robot is superbly executed. Back in my day we didn’t have the capabilities or funding to pull off something this gosh darn good and I’m honestly just amazed what these kids have put together. The innovation, the complexity, and oh jeez, did you even see the 200 RPM drive?? Crazy. I used to mentor these kids back in my day and just look at how far they’ve come. I have to say they’ve done a real rootin tootin job.

What a hoot!! Go crush em!

Also I was looking at some of the other comments and everybody’s goin crazy about the parking but seriously, look at the rest of the robot. There’s so much more than just a park. Wow, just wow. What a legacy. Imagine what you could do if you had the time to throw a spider intake on there too. Just wow.

Turning point? More like winning point–winning all the points–for 536E


Wow, what a robot. It’s been a while since I’ve been on the forums and I have to say, this one really caught my eye. My VEX career is long over but I like to come back every once and a while. Even having seen things like the Boston Dynamics robots I always come back to VEX. A truly amazing platform. These guys here from Wisconsin really represent the best of the best. Good Luck and may the best robot win…which you will. Go lil wappy!


:thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking: Hmmmmmm
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No. Please. Not the spider intake. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Interesting robot! Good luck at Worlds!

God, that parking mechanism would be amazing for fast skills runs. Great job guys!


Congratulations team! :rocket::robot:

Good luck in the World Tournament!

Greetings from Brazil! :brazil:

Dang! Man I want to say that thing is gonna win worlds. Is that a potentiometer I see used in conjunction with some rubber bands to set the catapult? So creative. I love that park soooooo much :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:. I couldn’t understand why you were carrying the cap around until I saw the park and then I realized it was ingenius.

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I want to say this will win worlds, but, you lowkey leaked your secret weapon. Imagine going up against this thing and thinking it’s just playing defense and boom you see the score at the end of the match and they somehow get a double center park…

To our champion alliance partner, great reveal. See you in Science!

Nice design! I love how abandoning driving up the platforms enabled use of an X drive, which was pretty much absent this season.

Were you able to incorporate your park mechanism to single or double alliance park during autonomous?

Thanks so much! We decided it wasn’t worth it to make it alliance park in auton since we would rather have the last second shot at the middle flags.