53999F Early Season Reveal

Here is our fall robot reveal:

It is a tray DR4B with a 3 motor drive (not holonomic), 2 motor lift, 2 motor intake, and 1 motor tilter. We took this to our competition the day of this being posted and we have a few upgrades in mind. Any help or suggestions are welcome.
We plan on changing the tilter gear ratio from 100rpm 1:7 to 100rpm compound ratio 1:5:5 (not sure how to say it) as well as making our intakes come inwards to deploy instead of downwards to allow them to have more compression while stacking and to split apart while dropping the stack, adding a 3rd telescoping stage to our tray (with a ziptie backing), and making a “china style” intake.

Wow! I really like it! My team was thinking about making a robot just like that. It seems to work great and be consistent. Great job!


I would definitely recommend the design to anyone with some good experience


This is a really good tower bot but i think the rollers need more compression so they can intake more cubes.


What is a china style intake?

did u compete in chittenango NY yesterday

can u stack a tray full on top of the first stack??

Any tips to achieve greater compression? We are in a tough spot having the lift to work around

We did. We got the design award so we are qualified for states


Staggered rollers. Look at the middle school finals (Chinese) on YouTube for an example


Adding on to that, there is a pair of outer rollers with paddles to suck the cubes in initially, and a pair of inner rollers with greater compression and no paddles, just rubber treads

Not well enough to use in competition. We are planning on making the lift stronger so it may become more reliable in the future. We will be posting further updates on our vex channel and probably on this thread

Here is a stream of the event. (not ours)

Our c team got tournament champion

i was 8214C u denied us in finals selection

Yeah, I’m sorry about that. I would’ve told you not to pick us because I didn’t want to have to deny you guys. We already had our alliance planned out

We’re already a tower oriented(ish) robot and we didn’t want another one that also focused on towers because that would make our stacking game weak. Your second pick was probably a better alliance

yeah our dumb intake only picked up 2.5 cubes at a time

Don’t call it dumb. It’s only November so there’s plenty of time to improve

hey, I’m from 8746A from Rome Free Acadamy. My team is hosting the black knight battle that your teams are registered for on december 7th. We were not able to compete yesterday, due to a conflict, but we won the PSLA tournament on october 26th. I was curious as to how other teams did. If you dont mind me asking, how did your sister teams do, what was their design? What was the highest stack placed by any team(just curious how good the teams were), and were there a lot of really competitive robots?

It was pretty competitive. Much more so than I would expect from November. There were a number of traybots that could get 6 or more cubes and two other robots like ours. Our sister team was tournament champion with 5221b and the highest stack was by them, with 8 cubes. We got the highest score of the day with 7157b at 74 points. Looking forward to the competition!

Also I can’t help but notice that the RoboEagles are registered for that event. Did you see them at the PSLA tournament? I want to know how good they are this year.

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