53999F Fall Reveal! "Timmy V5"

Hello! We finally made a reveal and yes, it is still fall until December 21st. Our robot is a mainly cap bot with a double reverse 4 to 6 bar lift and a generic passive cap intake with flipper. We have a 4 motor six wheel drive with omnis in the front and back and traction tires in the middle. Any tips and suggestions will be appreciated. I hope you enjoy the video!

Why a DR4/6B? Was a DR4B not tall enough? It should’ve been. It also would have been linear, helping with some of your alignment problems for the posts.

I do like the passive catapult. Would be better with an intake so it could be used for the rest of the match, but still cool.

Was there a reason your intake was shaped the way it is? It seems to me that a slight V shape to it would help with intake speed.

Overall looks like a solid robot!

Thank you!

First of all, the dr4b was just barely tall enough to place a cap on the post about 25% of the time. It’s hard to explain.

The passive catapult was just built for autonomous because we do not have enough time to make an entire mechanism to pull back and load since our first competition is December 1st. We will be making an intake after that.

We used to have a slight V shape to our intake but it would drop it too often when flipping on posts.

After that competition, I can help make the DR4B go high enough. There are a few things you could change to make that happen. Such as reducing the space between the parallel bars that are attatched to the tower; moving the top of the base tower as high as possible, also having the top of the bar there; and those things should allow you to add length to your bars. There are a couple of other things you could do, but for right now you just need to be practicing!