53999F update log

I decided to start an update log so I can see my progress easily and see what you people think of it I guess. Here is all the videos so far in chronological order. Any tips would be appreciated!

update 1:

update 2:

linear puncher test:

update 3:

update 4:

2 ball catapult test:

fall reveal:

first comp. 6 point auton:

That lift is really slow

not anymore. If you are deducing that from pretty much everything before the reveal, then yes. It was extremely slow because it was running off one 393 motor geared 1:12 until we got v5. Now (and in the reveal) since we won’t be getting v5 until after our first competition, it is on 3 393 motors geared 1:7. and oops. I put the wrong link. Now it should be fixed.