5509 VHS Robotics All Team Reveal

Presenting all of the 5509 VRC teams in their pre US Open Reveal
Come see us at our pit or on the field!!!


I really like the quick descorer on (I think) the B team! The way it is just raised, and the robot drives into the pole reminds me of my multi-functional ram. Nice robots!


Thanks! This Ram you talk about, sounds interesting. Will we see you this weekend at the Open?

No, I’m in Ohio. I’ve posted pics somewhere. I’ll see if I can find them.


image image

Sorry I don’t have any vids of it working. It was pretty cool.
Edit: If anyone wants to holecount, go ahead. But I’m sure we all have our finalized designs by now.

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Looking forward to competing with yall this weekend

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Nice. I was so happy to see some catapults. #catagang. I was worried it was going to be all punchers.
Good job. Looking forward to seeing you at worlds.

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Is that a passive descorer?

Not quite. You’ve seen my ram, right? It works like that. It needs to be deployed, but other than that it’s pretty passive.

Interesting. I bet that could be made into a passive descorer some how.

We could work in that. The first deploy could be simply connected to motion or something. The only issue would be wanting to be able to contract it for maneuverability. Remember that rake design I gave you? Any ideas with that type of contraption?

That is quite the ram. How does it not have all sorts of scrapes and dings on it from platform battles. At least some dried tears of your opponents.

Stop by our pit. We look forward to meeting more of the community.

Woah! Did we just get recruited by the #catagang ?
2 punchers, 2 catapults and a striker/ paddle.

The Knights is a passive descore arm.

Oh, it’s not in great shape. That logo plate was kinda new actually. It covered some of the worst parts. Plus that wasn’t the one I had all season. That was a newer rendition.
But this thread isn’t about me. I’d be glad to discuss it, but I don’t want to draw away from your reveal! (Pm me if you want to know more, or we can just keep going here, I guess.)

Awesome reveal! Slapper looking good as always. :smiley:

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