5509A Full Robot Reveal

Team 5509A, the VHS Crusaders proudly present our robot, Excalibur.

Drive - 4 motor high speed direct driven 2.75" Omni wheels.
Lift - Double reverse four bar allows us to score on all size posts and on up to five high Skyrise.
Skyrise builder - a motor swing arm with a pneumatic claw to build the Skyrise without moving the base. Since the distance between the Skyrise base and the Skyrise holder can vary between fields, we calibrate our swing arm to each and every field.
Cube intake - passive hooks that can hold up to two cubes.

Autons - works on red and blue(90%-95% consistency)
Skyrise tile - 20 points* (4 Skyrise sections and a cube on the Skyrise)
Cube tile - 9 points (a cube on each of the three posts along the wall)

Capabilities in a match(including auton)
Skyrise focus: 60-70 points. Builds the Skyrise 7 high with 6 cubes in 65-75 seconds
Cube focus: 30-40 points. scores 15-16 cubes in the match

Out of the 18 times we ran our Skyrise auton in a match at the U.S. Open, it worked 15 times. The three failures can be attributed to:

  1. Field errors - there was a screw in the skyrise holder on that field (they offered to restart but it wasn’t match effecting so we declined)
  2. Accidentally choosing the wrong color auton:( (a mistake that will not happen again)
  3. Some lift issues that were promptly fixed

We are very excited to be competing in the Science Division

See you at worlds!

I’m very impressed with your robot! Look forward to seeing you in the Science division!