5509A reveal preview - 20 point auton

First off, Happy Easter!!!

Hi guys, due to timing issues, we don’t have our full reveal video done by now; however, we still want to show a bit of what we are capable of before we compete at the U.S. Open this week. Here is a preview of our reveal video. We should have the full reveal done this coming weekend.

We specialize in building the Skyrise.

Autons - works on red and blue
Skyrise tile - 20 points (4 skyrise sections and a cube on the skyrise)
Cube tile - 9 points (a cube on each of the three posts along the wall)

Build the Skyrise seven high with six cubes on it in 60 seconds
Score cubes on all posts and up to a five high Skyrise

See you at U.S. Open and Worlds!

Very nice autonomous.