5509B VHS Knights State Reveal

Only a few weeks late getting it posted here, but here it is. Enjoy!

Looking forward to seeing you at the US Open and at Worlds


Thanks for posting! Looks great!

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I like the sniping from the platforms.


Are you a high school or middle school team? I can’t tell because my team is a middle school team but we use the high schools title. . .

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cool! Is that rubber band webbing around the sides meant to catch balls as they rebound?

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High school team, but two years ago, we were a middle school team.

2 purposes, first to keep random scoring objects from hitching a ride, and second, to catch rebounds and funnel into the launcher.

Its good to score from everywhere on the field, but you’re right, those are fun!

How often does a ball actually rebound? I’d thought of doing something similar, but the rebounds didn’t seem at all predictable.

It happened to me once or twice during autonomous. It was awesome.

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Okay thanks, just wondering.

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@Xenon27 Probably could count on one hand the amount of times it happened in match play.

Firstly, nice bot! Secondly, you should add a ratchet or hold feature on the slapper so that it is always in the down position and makes shooting wayyy quicker because you won’t have to load the slapper thing back right before shots.

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@mvas we do have a rachet system to hold the launcher arm back and relieve the motor from holding it back. For whatever reason, we just weren’t using the code we have that recoils the launcher right away.
Sure do appreciate the suggestion though, thank you.

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