563 Robot Reveal Teaser

See you in Kentucky!

When are planning to release a full reveal?
Just looking at the teaser, I don’t see anything special, but of course all I can see is a small part of the intake.

There is a short teaser video that will be released soon as well as a full reveal that will be released on April 13th.

Two teasers a month before the reveal?
This is gonna be good!

Yay! You got the LEDs working!

Your intake sure looks nice! It looks like it has its own motor, but I’m guessing you also have a second stage?

Wow!! How did you power your LEDs? Do you have a link to where you bought them? I am wondering what their specs are. Thank you!

Right now we are powering them with a USB power brick, which is illegal during a competition. I’m trying to find a way to power them off the cortex without destroying my LED light strip. We will probably just end up buying a new light strip like these and powering them through the digital IO ports on the cortex.

Thank you! And yes, you are correct.


Like the LED glow in the teaser, wonder where that has been seen :wink: .

https://vexforum.com/t/team-1138-robot-teaser/30474/1 ?

Actually I was more thinking of these:
26 NBN preseason reveal
26 Skyrise reveal

But is is an awesome theme to have in a video, and I am glad to see many teams using it.

Trust me, you aren’t the first person to put LEDs on a robot. It doesn’t make you special, and it doesn’t make any other teams with LEDs on their robots inspired by you. Chill.

This was not bragging, it was just a playful comment. I know that there have been many great teams before us that have had LEDs. I think it is great that teams put LEDs on their robots and want to make them look cool.
PS: Please do not bring this up again, this is a REVEAL thread, it is not about other teams, I am sorry if my previous post seemed arrogant about our LEDs.

If you would like to have the LEDs on your robot in a competition than just PM me and I can show you how to do it.