563 Titan Robotics Nothing But Net Teaser

Introducing Titan Robotics Club 563s nothing but net robot #FAOURPOWER
Full reveal will be released the week before worlds.
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Terrifying firing rate.
How have you played so many matches?

We were in a league where we went undefeated.

Is it only low goals, or do you do other areas of the field? Nice quality teaser.

Do you mean high goals from the bar?
From the loading zone the BPS is a little slower, its right around 20 seconds for 32 balls.

what are you talking about, this isn’t #Pray4Thomas :wink:

Nice Teaser! Can’t wait to see the full thing!

PS: “Better than Bakersfield”

Ahahah i had to look at your signature for a second lol

Yes, 20 seconds for all the high goals is a good speed, most matches you won’t need it to be faster.

At worlds we plan on not doing driver loads unless our alliance members can’t.

Obviously high school worlds will have a higher level of competition, but at our states, we did the same, and most of our alliance partners made less than a fourth of the loads.

I would watch one of their matches ahead of time just to see if they can do loads. I made the mistake of giving loads to teams who couldn’t do more than 8 in the high goal while I could do 24 in 30 seconds. Just be absolutely sure of your choices.

Thanks for the heads up! We will only forfeit the driver loads if the other team has a linear puncher and can demonstrate their accuracy.

It doesn’t have to be an LP, flywheels can do DCLs quickly and accurately as well.

I know. LPs are usually faster and more accurate with DCLs though. This is a generalization so there might be instances where this could be incorrect.

I think you should base your decision off performance far more than design. A bad LP can be just as bad as a bad flywheel, and a good flywheel can be just as good as a good LP (this also applies to other designs). Watch all of your alliance partners in at least one match, and watch them on the practice fields (especially with Thursday’s matches, since you have little to go off of).

Also, be prepared to take over DCLs for them or at least handle half of them. Sometimes teams just have bad matches or something on the robot stops working properly.

Communication between alliance partners is essential. If one robot stops working, the other robot needs to know to be able to adjust accordingly. Whether that failure happens before or during a match, the partner needs to know ASAP to adapt. The only thing worse than having a broken robot as a partner in a match is coming into a match with a broken robot as an alliance partner but thinking your partner works just fine.

Yes, that should definitely be a thing you do at worlds, if you can. There are a lot of matches I have lost by 5-10 points, because my alliance member wasn’t able to driver loads.

We dont plan on forfeiting something as critical as dcl based on the looks or design of a robot. We always have our alliance partners show that they can score the majority of the dcl, dispite this process of examining each team member there have been plenty of times when we have had to switch roles in the middle of a match (which we are more than capable of doing)

It’s a good thing we can do them then!

Thanks for the advice. Although I did say that my comment was a generalization