5691B Robot Reveal

Here is our robot from a while back.
Drive: 4 motor high speed setting
Flywheel: 6 motors torque setting, ratio- 1:35 (working on bringing it down)
Intake: 2 motor

We are currently working on designing a lifting mechanism and getting pid to work.
Constructive criticism is appreciated.

Awesome reveal. (There have been a lot of those lately)
Good luck at your first NBN competition of the season.
How do you pan on making you lift, since you’re already using 12 motor?
Maybe bring your flywheel down to 5 motors.

Beautiful videography. Keep up the great work!

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Thank you!

We have several ideas for doing the lift. I’ll try to explain one of them. Since the flywheel only spins one direction, we can transfer the flywheel power to some sort of a passive transmission by spinning the flywheel the opposite direction. Then divert the power to a lifting mechanism via a pulley or those 4 bar systems. Does that sound feasible?

Like this?

Couple pieces of advice.

  1. Intake axle is bent
  2. Flywheel axle is bent
  3. Vex transmitter position seems too unprotected, maybe a hinged cover?

yes exactly, we are attempting to make it as simple and as compact as possible.

  1. Cut down your flywheel axle so that it only goes through 2 bearings.

We replace axles that have major load on them after every competition or heavy practice session. Whenever the video was being filmed, we were messing around with different location for the key. And now it’s in a safer location.

We will take that in account whenever we rebuild the fly wheel gear ratio. Thanks!

Im just gonna say it… I am extremly amazed at how unscarred and well kept those balls are…

Thank you, we try… considering how expensive they are to replace

I have like a whole shipping container of useless balls, they are only good for throwing at each other during break time

Why should he only go through 2 bearings? is it that difficult to get them lined up? Also, The axle on the flywheel is not that bent, it is the wheel rubber ballooning outwards due to the extreme velocity. Mine does the same thing without zipties.

Even if the metal is perfectly lined up, the axle will still be touching the bearings, thus it creates friction. My flywheel support beams were perfectly aligned, yet when I shortened the axle, (Which used to go though 4 bearings) it went from barely shooting full court at max power, to shooting full court at 78 power.

Our flywheel axle goes through 6 bearing and we are shooting full court at ≈29% power… so friction is no issue for us (we made sure of that when we were building it).

Impressive! It would appear that I have some work to do on my launcher! :slight_smile: I guess that minimizing bearings is important if there are other issues present, but if everything else is perfect then the difference is minimal. Although you are using 6 motors, I’m only using 4.

True that and the 6 motors definitely plays a huge role but reducing friction and other issues is key.