569A Fall Robot Reveal - Tipping Point

569A is proud to present their Fall reveal for Tipping Point!

Motor Distribution

6 Motor Drive
1 Motor 4 Bar Lift
1 Motor Lift
1 Cylinder Pneumatic Claw

We’ve had great fun competing in our past two tournaments and we are looking forward to more!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!


So you have taken an interesting approach to ring intake so in the video it wasn’t clear on exactly how you got the rings on your bot so are you willing to explain how it works and why you chose it?

Actually not a ring intake! Just a stand-off that permits us to do a one-time ringle drop in auton. That’s really why it wasn’t shown off more in the video, it’s just a small little detail.


Interesting and what made you decide not to have a ring intake? Also love the decor on your bot

We started thinking about and planning this bot from very soon after the game release. We CADded the robot over summer. The mogos are obviously worth a lot of points, and are very important to focus on, especially so far in early season.

Originally, this bot was planned to have ringle scoring in the base of the mogo, but this feature was discarded very early into CADding the bot. We opted to focus purely on mogos.

We weren’t really expecting for amazing teams like Harvard-Westlake and Mechanical Advantage to show off powerhouse ringle ability when we initially started with this bot. We’ll be making some adjustments as the season continues.



I have seen a few bots that can hold mogos up to 2 sometimes 3 mogos at a time is there by any chance you plan on making a mogo storage system so you can possibly receive a bonus for balancing your bot at the end of the match. While still earning additional points with your mogos.

I think this could be a good way to earn points in driver but for auton it would probably not be good unless your looking for some WP. What are your opinions?

We’re not planning on doing any other mogo storage. We can carry two if we try, and climb with 3 if we really feel like it (as shown in reveal).

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I really like that rear goal lift, it seems like it has more utility than the standard forklift. Great bot, great reveal.


One last question do you plan on adding sensors in because I could really see this working well with some color sensors. Especially for utilization on that back mogo lift that makes it great for balancing your bot I think on the new design you should try and find some way to keep the back lift.

Maybe some sensors, but probably not color sensors. It’s not that hard to grab mogos with the claw and rear lift by simply watching the robot. We could if we really wanted to, but we probably won’t be focusing on that.

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Hey! Could I see some pictures of when the robot could drop some rings into the mobile goals?

Unfortunately, I don’t have the robot with me right now. But it’s not too complex. Either they are on a standoff (seen at 0:58 in the reveal) or clutched inside of our pneumatic claw (seen at around 0:41).