569C Robot Reveal

To be honest, this reveal is not as large as I thought that it would be. With worlds just a few days away my team and I are frantically trying to get everything in line. We have been programming non-stop for programming skills. We will have a team picture tomorrow so everyone will know who we are and what we do. For now here is the robot. We have made a couple changes since the studio photos were taken thats why there are some that are not as good of quality.

Lets start out with some specs…

  • (4) 393 motors high strength on drive. Geared at 1:1.25
  • Mecanum drive
  • 11.5” chassis (scores in centre 30” from isolation)
  • Drive motors easily removable for high speed swap during
    skills challenges
  • (4) 269 on 6-bar geared at 7:1
  • NZ style intakes (conform to objects in any orientation)
  • Pneumatic wings with wing span of 42 inches
  • Pneumatic stack assist, holds back objects so no weight is
    on incoming objects
  • (4) pneumatics tanks
  • Wet/Dry sanded lexan, makes surface ultra smooth
  •       (2) Potentiometers to select between 16 autonomous runs.


Back Isometric


wings by Devin Catron, on Flickr
Remodeled gear tower

Stack assist

If anyone has any questions just let me know. Thanks

I like the easy motor swap and the pneumatic stack assist. Have you battle tested the wings yet?

The pneumatic stack assistance is really innovative! Do you have absolutely no problems with it? Some things I see are:

-optimized for all object configurations and # of objects above bottom object to be lifted
-doesn’t pop objects out, damage objects, etc
-doesn’t pop the last object out the back of the intake
-might require more driver attention
-slightly lowers capacity (not extremely crucial)

Do you strafe extensively in your programming skills run?

Do you use lock nuts EVERYWHERE? I see some teams do this, but that’s impressive.

Why did you choose such a high torque drive for a normal match? What strategic advantage did you have in mind with this design?

Awesome robot, good luck at Worlds!

The stack assist will not be used too much during our matches. Honestly, we developed it a week ago to help with our Programming Skills run but found that we did not need it, but kwpt it because it is innovative. In our programming skills run we do not strafe at all because with the 393’s geared for speed and a 1:1.25 we do not have enough torque. We like to use or slower, but stronger high torque 393’s because we can push and strafe nicely so with our wings down we can block off a good majority of the field.

I’m guessing you’re an interaction robot, at what point during the match do you unfurl the wings?

Do you do it at specific strategic times?

How much would you generally score before you begin taking a defensive posture?

Does it depend on the opponent’s reaction?

What is your general strategy for post-30 second mark?

We do both interaction and isolation. We normally do interaction but now we are thinking of doing isolation. The wings are not something that are constantly down. We unfold them when we do not want someone to pass. They fold back up when we need to drive around and compete. Defensive strategies start to come into play is when the other team is doing better than us and we need to keep them from scoring. We try to stay with Gateway and keep it an offensive game.

This is just a follow up to Devinc’s post.

Here is a photo of the team and a quick bio so you all know who we are in Anaheim.

From left to right
Dylan- Coach
Devin B (dpbailey) Driver (arm), programmer,builder, Captain
Bryce- Builder
Jenna- Scout, Promotions
Ryan- Scout
Noah- Programmer
Devin C (devinc)- Driver (chassis), builder, promotions, Captain