569C Robot Time Lapse/Reveal

Many of you saw my teams last robot reveal. For this next one we decided that we are going all out. We decided to put together a video that shows our design and the build process. I also have an updated photo of the robot. If anyone would like any specs on this feel free to ask and some feedback on the video would be awesome. Thanks.

Team 569C Gateway Robot Improved by Devin Catron, on Flickr

Awesome bot.

How are you liking the mechanum wheels? Are they good for this application? Enough torque?

Thank you. The mechanums have been really nice. We have not yet used them at a tournament but they have not let us down during testing.

i love the time lapse! :slight_smile:
i wish we had one at school :frowning:
do you have any videos of it in practice? (pick up, strafe, score, ect…)

We do not tape our practice. Once we get the programming dialed in maybe I will put up a video of it. We have the first tournament with this in less than 2 weeks. There will be some footage from that.

Why do you have red parts? And can you reach the high goals with your mounts near the middle of the chassis?

The parts are red because a couple of years back when we got some aluminum we decided to paint half red and half black to match our school colours. We can reach the 30" without any problem when the gear tower is in the centre.

Oh okay, and how many game pieces can you pick up with the round intakes? *edit. How often do you have to replace your rubber bands? Our robot eats through them like cookies with the cookie monster.

It can hold 6 with the intakes. We have not had too much of a problem with the rubber bands. It goes not need them to keep the arm up. It’s only the aid the arm when the intake is full.

Oh nice, and one of my final questions… Do you need to push against a wall to pick up some of the last of the 6 objects up. And can you cap goals?

The 6th is a little difficult. We will rarely ever try to fill it up in competition. When you say “cap” do you mean fill an entire goal?

I believe he means forcing a barrel and ball sideways into a goal to prevent it from scored on. I can’t seem to find a pic of it.

Nice looking bot!

I have a picture of it, but I’ll have to wait until my friend gets online.

I’ve never met a bot in competition that could cap quickly and consistently…The few times I’ve seen it happen in competition have been kind of random instances I think.

Robert  Fernandez uploaded this image to

Link if pic doesn’t work. Is that real or fake?

I think it could be done. If you capped one layer, forced it down with enough pressure from your lift, and capped it again, you could definitely do it. You would need a ton of torque on your lift, though.

Yes, and by the way that’s real. While looking at our B teams lift yesterday, I saw how it could be done. I told him how to do it, he drove up and capped it the first time. He can cap constantly, and consistently. Are we the first team to be able to do that? *For the top cap, I had to manually lift up the lift, because our batteries last for about 5 minutes now.

amazing robot!!! are u going to worlds?

And yeah it is. I love your middle-ish mounted design, and how do have it so the round intakes take in 5-6? When we used the round rollers, we could only pick up 2.

They are very narrow so it is alot tighter around the objects than many other designs. They are also not fixed so they form around the objects. This allows us to easily pick up objects in any orientation. We are not yet qualified for worlds, we have had some bad luck in our first couple tournaments.