569D States Teaser

With the Southern California state championships coming up this weekend, my team has decided to make a teaser video! Check it out and let us know what you think! Stay tuned to our channel, as we will be posting some of our match footage and other videos in the near future!

Robot looks awesome! Love the action movie style trailer as well. Best of luck at the California State Champs! :stuck_out_tongue:

Is your robot only able to make bar shots?

Very nice! May I ask what the worm gear on the flywheel is for?

What is the ratchet for?

Awesome robot! We (4800) will see you guys there! I’ll make sure I stop by your pit and talk to you guys. Saturday’s going to be an interesting day, and hopefully we (and you) qualify for Worlds. Good luck!

It looks great, even though it can’t score DCLs.
Unless you’ve found a way to shoot full court with a 21:1 ratio (I haven’t been able to with anything less than 25:1 in that configuration).
Good luck at states!

Also, can someone please explain why the video has 14 dislikes and only 8 likes?


Our robot is able to make shots from against the bar all the way out to full court.

The worm gear and ratchet are part of the mechanism to deploy our lift (it wasn’t attached in the video).

Thanks! Looking forward to seeing you!

We are able to shoot driver control loads as well. The four motors on the flywheel are geared for speed so the total ratio is 33.6:1.

How fast can you guys do driverloads?

We are at about .5-.8 seconds per shot.