57 Point Programming WITH HANG!

Very Nice!

Must be the gyro :slight_smile:

It looks like a really well built PID? That self correcting is quite smooth.
That gives you 121 points right? unless you have managed to make the driver skills even better.


@Keith_Horton1826 Do you mind showing me the code you used to “PID” the Gyroscope – I say PID because it appears to be a PID on the angle. It seems to be very effective. I understand if you do not feel comfortable posting before worlds. But posting it after the competition would be very beneficial to a lot of teams.

We probably will release it after Worlds

Look at this:


Seems to be pretty effective to me.

@Keith_Horton1826 Great run! I was wondering how you’re able to hang so easily with only a 1:5 ratio. So Is there anything special your robot has to hang so fast? Or do you have any tips?

I have no idea how we’re able to hang with a 5:1 and high speeds. I didn’t do anything special