5735B Robot in 3 Days - 24 Hours of Science

Last week, my team, 5735B, had the fun opportunity to do our first ever Robot in 3 Days. Despite some complications and obstacles, we successfully built a robot in the time constraints.
Here is the video showing off our bot, which represents about 24 hours of work. Please feel free to ask me or @SMHSRobotics any questions you have regarding our robot or our team.

The robot uses a six-bar lift and a claw. It can currently score up to 7 cones on a mobile goal, and it can score mobile goals in the 5 point zone. It could also conceivably score mobile goals in the 10 point zone, but there would be a high tipping risk…

-The robot is not quite competition legal. It uses two IQ parts, simply because we could not find any EDR 45 degree angle pieces at the time of building.
-It is also slightly outside of the size limit. This is because our coach did not want us to cut an excessive amount of metal so early in the season.
-Programming is in a very early stage. That’s why the driving in the video looks so… subpar.
-Edit: I almost forgot: the “6 motor lift” is currently a 5 motor lift. One of the motors was found to be broken after the robot was already built.

Great robot! If you don’t mind me asking, how does the robot keep the claw in size (if it does) before matches? Or is that something you are still working on?

Good question. It currently does not have any way to get into the size limit. However, we do have a plan for that later on, when we get back into school and have access to all of our tools. We have some room at the bottom of the front of the base that can be cut out to make room for the claw. The claw would begin the match touching the ground, folded back into the robot.

Why do you guys have SO MUCH TORQUE on your arm? Was that just the fastest way to do it?

We wanted to make absolutely sure that the robot could lift a mobile goal. Based on our stress testing, we have found that we overshot that goal by a bit; however, more than enough torque is always better than not enough.

I should point out, additionally, that lifting mobile goals is not shown in the video. That is because the robot’s weight balance has not yet been worked out. The lift has more than enough strength to lift the mobile goals, but it tips forward when it tries to do it under normal circumstances.

Not when it comes to tightening shaft collars