5735B Robot Reveal

5735B Reveal

Introducing 5735B’s Nothing But Net robot! We are the Jackets STEAM Team from St. Martin High School in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Since this is our first year going to Worlds, we wanted to make a reveal video for everyone who will be competing with us. Keep in mind, we are an amateur team. I only have three goals for Worlds: Have fun, Get into Elimination Rounds, and Take a selfie with Karthik. But I’ll be satisfied if I only make two of those goals :slight_smile:

If anyone has any questions about our team or our robot, you can ask on this thread, or private message me or @smhsrobotics

Looking great!
Congratulations on qualifying for worlds through your design award.
How’s your accuracy out of 32 balls?

Thanks! We don’t typically go for all 32 loads in a single match; we prefer to do field shots with a few Driver Control Loads. But, if we were to do all the loads, our accuracy would likely average around 25 balls.

Nice. Are you guys using all 12 motors?

Our robot uses 10 motors. We wanted to implement pneumatics, but time ran away from us…

If you guys are still in the process of building and making improvement, I would suggest either gearing the intake for speed or adding an additional motor. The same applies for the top roller. Let me know what you think…

Thank you for your input! Of course, there are dozens of ways our robot could be tweaked, but we are no longer in that stage, as we have to get ready for Worlds. Perhaps after the season is over :wink: