574C skills run reveal

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Cool. Is the auton fully coded, recorded or something in between? How does your gyro sustain getting into 20pt and back? Also, do you use built-in gyro support or roll your more precise one? PROS or RobotC?
Our MS programmer (60pt run) does 20pt last to avoid dealing with crossing the 10pt bar early. Also, the RobotC gyro drifts a little, so the run has to recalibrate twice against the field elements to keep the precision…

@nenik Its fully coded. The gyro doesn’t have to maintain accuracy while crossing the bar because we immediately reset the gyro right after reversing out of the zone. We experience some drift, but not enough to throw off the run… most of the time.

First of all that is extremely impressive! Your official score shows 110 in driver and 102 in programming, but I counted 112 and 104 respectively with the parking bonus. Was there a reason the parking bonus was not counted?

This looks like a practice run at their house/workplace. So it’s possible they did not get a cone or park in their official runs.

we didn’t get the park for both driver and auton at the competition

Do you use PID for your autonomous?

This is absolutely amazing. One of the cleanest and quickest skills runs I’ve seen and the robot itself is impressive because it would work reasonably well as a competition bot too which is different from many other skills robots. Well done!

How did you use the ultrasonic rangefinder on your mogo lift? Also, do you have any tips for making autonomous programs in general more consistent?

I had to go against them in semi finals yesterday and i can confirm that they do work reasonably well

I hope they don’t mind if I take a few notes…

Hats off ~ from 8059.

Your driver skills run is definitely much better than ours.

@Avery_8675A We use a P controller with a brake.

@Ashwin Gupta It’s not a skills bot. We have used it for competition since our first tournament in November.

@Joshua_84927A We use the ultrasonic to detect when we have a mobile goal inside of our intake.

@meng That means a ton coming from such a strong team!

I like how the pair of three corner cones that are offset from the center is pushed as far as possible in order to ensure safe passage the robot during the autonomous run. I wonder how the skills run would actually go. But maybe that was a mistake in set up and they can actually do it when the field is set up correctly. Regardless, the run is still REALLY impressive. Just something to keep in mind. I wish you guys good luck.


That was a field setup mistake from a previous attempt. The robot moves those cones on it’s own and we forgot to scoot them back. It worked at the comp with a proper field setup though. Now that you have pointed it out it really annoys me.

@marsgate17 Don’t sweat it. You got the 212 on the world rankings.

all the more excellent!! The irony of this is that many of the other teams competing for top ranks in skills have built dedicated 8m turbo mogo only bots but you’ve one upped all of them with a comp bot ;).

7682S is only 6 motor drive so that really doesn’t hold true.

The idea that a mogo only bot can win skills is officially dead. Assuming the bot can score the pre-load cone using inertia, the max score for a mogo only bot is 208. The top score is officially beyond reach and that was with better than 3 weeks before the end of the skills season.