574C Turning Point Early Season Reveal

Motor Distribution:
4 motor 1:1 speed drive
2 motor 1:7 speed lift
2 motor linear puncher
1 motor 1:5 torque flipper
1 motor 1:3 torque claw

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I like it! The way you get the balls to your linear puncher is something I’ve never seen before. This is a great point to be at this time in the season.

That cap and ball intake is honestly so well thought out. That could be really helpful once v5 rolls out.

Cool. Clever ball gathering system.

Clever intake for balls! Do you spend lots of time positioning the robot so it can hit the high and middle flags?

We use the field tiles as alignment guides, but how quickly we can aim depends entirely on driver skill and practice.

nice robot

How hard was your puncher to make?


how do you code a puncher if you have a sample code it would help?

Thanks and nice bot

Great intake system never would of taught of that very unique!