574C Turning Point Fall Reveal

8 Motor Speed Drive
1 Motor 300rpm Intake
1 Motor Linear Puncher
1 Motor Puncher Angle Adjuster
1 Motor DRow Schtick

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Looks Great!

May I ask how you made the angle adjuster for the puncher

not OP but it’s a linear slide on the bottom seen at 0:21

Can you guys post your skills run?

Congrats on the 29 driver skills. That was amazing, especially this early in the season. I love the puncher. I also love the simplicity of the intake. Bravo!

We will get it up pretty soon


The angle adjuster is on a slide, but where’s the motor, is there a gear that moves at all or is there like a arm that helps adjust it? Congrats on the driver skill.

Like how the mechanics of it works is what I’m asking

@Gavin This video is a little outdated, but here is a close up view of our angle adjusting system.

That is really cool, however how much more effective was it for you guys to use an angle adjuster over simply driving your robot forward?

Yeah that would be the more simple approach, and you free up a motor, but I could see the use of shooting at high and mid flag from the same spot, especially if the other team is playing defense. ~ 400B

I never thought of this, it looks really good, thanks for sharing, right now my team has to drive foward for our puncher to shoot, it turned out not too bad, but since we only have 8 b5 motors , it might not be a good idea to use one up in something that isn’t necessary. I heard you could shoot and change the angle with one motor and some ratchets, I haven’t seen any working robots who made this happen, but in theory it’s possible

do you use ratchet on your puncher?


did it make much difference? or is it okay to use puncher without rathcet?

very clever bot, like the puncher

@robot_maker it’s okay to build a puncher without a ratchet and penty of teams in our region have been successful without them. However, they do have significant advatages. A ratcheting puncher fires almost instantly at the start of a match and the balls stay inside the puncher better when it is ratcheted back. They are also fairly easy to build. I recommend building a ratcheting puncher, but they aren’t necessary.

Thanks for the explanation man. Really appreciate it. Wish you luck for your next game.

Did you attach your ratchet any special way? We just tried redoing ours with a ratchet and the axel stripped right through the ratchet gear.