5776E Fall Reveal

We would like to present our fall robot:

Robot Specs:
6m HS Drive
2m Turbo 1:7 6-bar
1m Cap Flipper
1m roller intake
2m HS 21:1 Flywheel
(This robot is now taken apart and we are rebuilding with the v5 system)

Nice bot! How effective would you say a hybrid cap / shooter is? Were you able to utilize both capabilities fully in your matches so far?

Before matches, it was very useful being able to do either balls or caps since we don’t always know who our alliance is going to be. During matches we usually specialized in one to maximize our effectiveness, although in some matches we were able to take advantage of our hybrid design.

Interesting. What motor setup are you planning to use after you swap to V5? What coding studio are you planning to use?

We will reveal details about our V5 robot at a later time, with a fun reveal too! We are using PROS.

Hello There @Sharwin_5776E !

That is a terrific robot! I especially like how big it is, and your wiring is great! However, the amount of wiring and other electronics has covered up your robot and I can not see the inside. I’d like some detailed pictures and a CAD if possible so I can win my next tournament and qualify. Can you also DM me with some instructions on how to build this robot please thank you.

Good Job and Thank You!

Thanks, will send in a few moments.

Thank You!

@Sharwin_5776E I’m interested in well. First year of competition, I would like to see how the pros do it.

Oh bid.p is on 5776A, and we were just joking around. Although if you have any specific questions feel free to email us at dvhsrobotics5776e@gmail.com. Or you can DM me as well.

oh ok my bad. I’ll send you a message after I analyze the video further.

E: isn’t it ~ 1am in cali? What are you guys doing up so late?

The grind never stops. Someone has to win worlds, right?

No worries, it’s currently 12:07AM. I’m a senior so schoolwork is still a thing :slight_smile: Looking forward to communicating with you(I stay up pretty late so don’t be bothered if you’re sending a message at 2AM my time)

Yeah for real though, we’re both seniors and would love to help out if you need any help with anything @meepmeepme

Thanks, I’ll keep you guys in mind if I need help later.