5776's Scouting Database

Hey Everyone,
I am from team 5776Y and we have been working on a scouting database since August, now it is nearing completion so we decided to share it with the community. This database uses data provided by vex.us.nallen.me created by Nathan(thank you so much for this API it would have been so much harder without it :smiley: ). The database itself is similar to most of the other ones out there except with a few additions that we added. One of the things we added was a match prediction system that uses AURA’s OPR,DPR and CCWM to predict your score for your next match(Shout out to team 246 overclocked for helping me on this one!). Another is a page that show’s each team’s matches accompanied with graphs to provide an overview of the team’s score range as well as their overall performance. The actual event page also provides a link to the robotevents page in case our database is not up-to-date with the matches/ranks. Each table has a search bar and also has sorting by column.We also have a live events page to show any events that are happening that day.Lastly we have a team page that display the team’s number and name and hometown it also displays the events attended by the team and their win-loss-tie record. The database updates when you visit the page so you may notice a bit of lag when you load the page(hardware limitations). The database as a whole is still a work in progress so there will be bugs I apologize beforehand for any bugs that you may stumble across. Hopefully you guys like our scouting database(although its not as good as Gael Force’s or AURA’s) :smiley:
<a http://dvhsrobotics.com/home.php


A big thank you to Nathan and his API for this database would not exist without them and to team 246 for an amazing formula for match prediction