5839A VEX Starstruck Worlds Reveal

5839A - Actual Size!

Robot Specs:
4 Motor 3:1 Drive
6 Motor 5:1 High Speed Lift
2 Piston Pneumatic Claw

Some minor changes/improvements have been made since the filming of the reveal which will debut at worlds! Let us know what you guys think and we’re excited to compete in less than a week!!
Currently in the theoretical Math division

1x Excellence Award
4x Tournament Champion
2x Tournament Finalist
1x Sportsmanship Award

Looks great!

But I have a question: I keep seeing more and more robots with zip ties around the motors. Does that really help hold them better, keep the screws from coming loose, or what?

They replace the screws, making it easier to change internal gears when they break or stall.

Yeah, what @Bryan R said, they are used in place of the black motor screws and allow the motors to be easily replaced or change gears.

Nice. Your bot looks suspiciously similar to mine. Hmmm. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s interesting. I’ll have the kids try that out this summer. Thanks for the tip.

Awesome Bot! Hope you guys do good at worlds :smiley: