58566A Aaravos Iteration 5 Reveal

Greetings Forums!

We are team 58566A, “Aaravos”, from Grafton High School out of the Southern New England Region, and are proud to present our no-pnuematics robot in its 5th iteration!

58566A Aaravos Iteration 5 Reveal

Our robot contains a transmission, which uses 2 motors for the actual drive and 1 motor paracord actuating system to switch between 1:1 200rpm high speed and 1:5 200rpm high torque. We did this instead of a 6 motor drive or even a 4 motor drive to give ourselves full platforming functionality since we don’t have pneumatics. Our team decided that the cost of pneumatics was not worth the loss it incurred, but in equal resolve we knew that we could have the same functions as any other pneumatic-powered robot. Our drive also contains a strafing wheel (200rpm), not shown in the video (New England snowstorms you see) which helps with getting out of tight spots and in some cases, precision turning.

Our lift was initially designed to score high-rings and we’ve gone through 3 different mechanisms for it which are all still in development being fine-tuned, so be on the lookout for another video with our high-scorer.

The specifications are in the video description and at the end. If you have any questions that you don’t feel comfortable asking directly here, feel free to email us at graftonrobotics2@gmail.com, but we can’t promise a reply. We are also committed to helping support our local robotics community in any way that we can, so if you are in the SNE region and want to have a chat about robotics or other pertinent things, we’d be more than happy to talk!

Thanks for watching, and see you at competitions!


What made you want to use that certain type of lift for mogos instead of something like a four-bar or six-bar?
(Sorry, I don’t actually know the name of that lift. I think it’s called a chain lift or cascade lift but I’m not too sure.

Initially our elevator/cascade lift was intended to score high rings with precision. The additional benefit for mogos was that instead of having to stand well back from the platform so as not to hit it when lifting a mogo, lifting, and then going forward with a 4b or 6b, we don’t have to worry about going too close to the platform and hitting it when the lift goes up since it is vertical, and it’s way easier to see where it will hit the platform going up when driving forward.

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