585A State Reveal

Here’s the robot we’re taking to the Georgia State Championship, look forward to seeing some of you guys there

Awesome robot! Can’t wait to see you there!

Looks great! Whats the BPS like? And I am guessing the drive is 4 high speed motors on 2.75 in omnis in an x-drive? See ya Saturday

Looks like a lot of jumping on the shooter… Does that affect accuracy at all?

Looks great. Hopefully we don’t lose to guys in semis like at Collins Hill!

Looks great. We have a shooter too but ours is 2/3 as fast. How did you make it so fast?

You speed up your video by 50%. Jk
Basically you fiddle with compression, gear ratios, flywheel mass, and programmed velocity controllers until it works.

Looks nice, have you thought of adding a flywheel on that to increase productivity around the field?