599D World Teaser

Hi everybody,
With all these robot teasers being posted, I thought I would share a short clip of our robot as well.


Nice i love the way the treads and the intake work together! looks great guys.

You need to name it Bounty.

It’s the quicker picker upper!

At the time, the capacity was about 15. Anymore sacks and the conveyor would begin to stall. However, we reduced the speed of the conveyor for a little more torque to be able to hold a little bit more.

nice :wink:

Wow…thats just amazing…

Did this sacrifice your lightning intaking? I think 15 is enough to be efficient, especially with an intake that fast. Do you ever really need to hold more?


Do you have a descoring mechanism on this robot?

Thanks for all the nice comments everybody!

We actually reduced the speed of the robot as well, so the robot would be travelling a little bit slower allowing for the sacks to ride up in time. We have not actually tested it with the new ratio for the conveyor, due to some other problems, but we’ll be ready soon!

The roller on the front is the descoring mechanism.

How do you get the mesh on the intake and make it so uniform?

If you watch the intake throughout the video you can see white zip ties attaching the mesh to what I would guess are tank tread pieces.

beast .

Replace the treads with paper towels. You can clean up juice spills. :smiley:

Sponges :smiley:

We zip-tied the first layer of mesh to the roller, then zip-tied the ends to itself. The second layer is just wrapped around and zip-tied to itself. The friction between the two layers of mesh is enough to keep it on.

Best 5-1-5 pickup I have seen :wink: (hate dem 5 stacks)

Hope to see you and your bot at Worlds!