5th grader. What next to buy in iQ ? Career goal : Robotics and Ai

Hi - I am Shyam. 5th grader, switched from FLL to Vex a year ago and learned :~

-iQ BUILDING : Few models. Last being : Double Reverse 4 bar lift.
-iO PROGRAMMING : Drag & Drop.
-BOUGHT : Sensors, Competition Add-On Kit, Super Kit + Full Field Perimeter & Tiles 4x8’
-TO BUY : Field upgrade to 6x8’

QUESTION: Before starting V5, What should I buy to practice more in iQ ?

-VIQC Squared Away (2019-20) - Full Field & Game Element Kit ?
-VIQC Next Level (2018-19) - Full Field & Game Element Kit ?
-VIQC Rise Above - Full Field & Game Element Kit ?
-Anything else should I buy ?

Any one interested in selling ? My dad can get it shipped. I live in Basking Ridge 07920 NJ USA

Thank you very much


The current game, Rise Above is pretty good have you played it?

I liked VIQC Crossover (2016-17) - Full Field & Game Elements Kit Special Price $40.00 Regular Price $99.99 228-4844

The new game gets released in about 40 days if you want to wait and get that.


Hello Shyam,

Anyway just like what Foster said, “…the new game will be released in 40 days”, you should probably just wait till the new game is released. Also, if you have not done any work in the Engineering notebook, you should definitely start working on that (The Engineering notebook is necessary for the Excellence Award). Lastly, I don’t think you should post your address on an online forum, but rather if someone is interested in selling, just message them that you are interested in purchasing a few parts.


Thank you Foster and SOTRobotics!
Much appreciated.


Happy to help!?! But what did you decide to do?

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I will know which ones after speaking with my Vex instructor this weekend. Txs again Foster.

Hey, if you decide to buy older games they are ~10% off with a VEX sale going on.

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Decided not to buy any. Saw on YouTube all VIQC from 2016 to 2020. Mostly grab & pick functions. Will borrow RISE ABOVE from friend for couple of days. That should do. As my goal is to learn a function and not divert focus on time sensitive challenges, that has repetition of same functions many times.

I do not want to migrate to V5 before learning important functions in BUILDING & CODING. I just want to know what more can i do in V5.

Hi SOTRobotics = Engg Notebook = Found eazy.

Thank you

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Ello again Shyam,

Anyway, since your a 5th grader, I am going to tell you a very important life lesson, that I learned from the Engineering notebook. So throughout my early years in robotics (4th-6th grade), I thought the notebook was easy too, but then boom, life hit fast on my team, and the notebook was due for the first tournament. To my surprise, what I found easy, was actually a poorly made notebook. So anyway, moral of the story, life moves fast, so don’t neglect anything especially the Engineering notebook. If you are wondering, my team usually spends around 2-3 hours per day working on the engineering notebook.

By the way, just a tip, the way I win the Design Award is to format the notebook according to the Engineering Design Process.
The videos below also helped my team a lot on the Engineering Notebook:

(I know that these videos are particularly for VEX EDR Engineering notebooks, but the same process can be applied for VEX IQ)


Good choice to grab a RISE ABOVE and use it, then grab the upcoming game.

One thing you might want to build is what I call the “Sensor BOT” it’s a robot with all the sensors on it. You then get really good at using all the sensors to move the robot.

This year’s V5 game really place the importance on autonomous routines, I think that is going to continue in the future. So being able to get your robot to do the full 60 second routine in IQ will make a difference for your V5 programming.

The vision sensor works in VIQ, and the last few games have had color targets (green) to be able to find goals. Some of the top teams are able to find and track directly to the goal to score. While I don’t think we will see a shooting game in VIQ, we are on track to have some kind of shooter in the next two V5 games Ability to find and range to the goal will be key.

The gyro on VIQ is pretty good, another sensor that is worth becoming an expert with. I’m hopeful that the V5 IME may make it’s way to VIQ, but the current sensor is a great start. So another good sensor to learn.

Good luck in your efforts, we all look forward to seeing your progress.


Txs so much Foster. Before jumping to V5, let me update you on :

  4. GYRO

Txs so much SOTRobotics.

The VexIQ engineering notebook comes in 5 pack. Will I need all 5?

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Most teams use their own regular notebook, not the ones available on the vex robotics website. I think that using your own notebook is a better option, because it’s cheaper, it has much more paper, and offers more flexibility, rather than following the template that the vex notebooks provide.

Also, you said that you wanted to practice building different VEX IQ robot functions in preparation for V5. Have you considered buying this year’s game? It’s different than the last several years of mainly grab and pick functions as you said. Learning to build an efficient flywheel may help you in V5.

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Sadly, I will not be competing in Vex this year, but rather FRC. However, I will still try to help answer your question. When I competed in VEX, my team adopted the use of having 2 notebooks. One notebook was dedicated to drafting or formatting the aesthetics and important details of the page, and the other notebook was the “finalized” one. So anyway, point is that I don’t recommend the use of sticking to a single notebook, but having multiple would be quite helpful. Also, if I were you, I would use anything else that is not a VEX IQ Engineering Notebook (Ex: In my opinion, a regular graph composition notebook would be better)


Hi everyone, as I was coding my robot to perform certain tasks on my sensor bot, I encountered a problem. My TouchLED, distance, and gyro sensor are working perfectly fine, but the color sensor is not. When it detects black, I am using the drivetrain instead of two different motors, so it just keeps on turning around and around. Now, when I switch my layout from a drivetrain to 2 separate motors, my color and touchLED work, but not distance and gyro. Could you help me out here?