6:1 Gear cartridge slow?

Got a question about the 6:1 gear cartridge- I recently ordered a bunch of them for my class and right now I’m testing it out and it seems to not be rotating at 600 rpm as it should be.

In fact it seems to rotate between 50 rpm to 200 rpm…I’ve done several things:

-Tried to set up on the brain itself- however it will revert to 18:1 and run at 200 rpm if I run the standard program
-Programmed it to 6:1 on V5 Blocks and run the program, this makes it run at 50 rpm
-Tried different brains, no difference

Any advice?

what color is the cartridge? the red ones are supposed to be 100 rpm, green is 200, blue is 600.

This is probably a stupid question but did you make sure to change the RPM from the default 50 when you changed the velocity unit from percent?


They’re the blue cartridges, I ordered a bunch of them.

Ahhh, no I did not! I will try that.

Try running the motor directly from the brain on the devices page, and see how fast it goes. This way you can see if there’s a problem with the code or with the motor itself

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Solution was mentioned above- I needed to set the velocity for the new gearing.