6 arm lift or reversed 6 arm lift

Ok so my teacher is trying his hardest to find videos on how to build six arm lifts but the videos he sees aren’t revealing ( They explained, not show) my teacher says people don’t like to be revealing when it comes to their robots so now I have resorted to forums. Anyways he says a six arm lift or a reverse six arm lift looks good if this doesn’t work then we’ll resort to a 4 arm lift so videos please. ) ;

ok so basically search online for robot videos from vex Skyrise. A lot of teams worked with RD4Bs in that game. I’ll also upload a picture later on if you want

Yea, Vex Skyrise was the dominant year for double reverse 4 bars. Here is a video of 8059’s skyrise robot. Hope @8059_Blank and @meng don’t mind for using them as an example.

Naah… we dont mind… as long as it is helpful to someone out there :slight_smile: