6 Bar design help,

Our Latest Robot design, We are using a 6 bar, we are fairly new to the vex form so any help would be appreciated ,
Thanks the meme team

You should mount the towers on the back of the robot instead of the middle. This will help with not being front-heavy, and give you more room to fit inside the 18^3 size limit. You should also put another tower to support the gears that are attached to the arm. Other than that, it looks pretty good.

I would recommend not Cantalevering the bar. putting it in between two towers is usually the best idea. can you bolt the bar onto the 84 tooth gear that is being directly powered?

@Matt4572 Thanks for the advice, our arm is too heavy so our axels are twisting and snapping

so at this point we are not sure what we are going to do

Yea if you support the arms on both side it should help. Also maybe use highstrength axels or a bolt for the gear connected to the arm instead of the normal axle.

@4361T Thanks for the help , our problem at the moment is that the arm is too heavy causing our axels to snap, we also don’t have enough momentum to launch the star far enough into the far zone, we have been working on the design since summer last year, but theres so many flaws

@Matt4572 our school doesn’t have the funding for high strength axels, we hope that we can come up with some solution

you can use bolts instead of axles. just put the circle insert in the gear and put a bolt through it. use it exactly like an axle just put a lock nut on the other end. it shouldn’t bend.

@Matt4572 , Sounds good thanks Matt , we hope to get it working and will update you when we do , thanks for all the help

If you mount the arm closer to the back, support both sides of the arm, and bolt the gears directly to the arms, you should have no problems… After that it is just motor power.

If built correctly a 6 bar will never snap or twist axles

Also, rubber bands.

If your axles are twisting, there might be too much open space in the gear box area.