6 Bar Lift Help

Are there any decent instructions to share with my Middle School students regarding building a 6 bar lift? We are looking at images, but need a little additional assistance.

It’s not that terribly hard versus the instructions.

You will run into the following

  1. Not being a set of two parallelograms makes the lift act differently. Make sure they are parallelograms on both boxes
  2. The distance between top and bottom bars limits the lift angle
  3. Making that angle closer to vertical moves the lift back horizontally on your bot and may cause problems at the fence
  4. Friction is your enemy
  5. Long lengths means lots of torque required, don;t just go for the longest 6 bar in the world. Make what is right for your application.

Try this thread’s calculator too

By 10D… many years ago…

Honestly, when building lifts I would just get a bunch of random pieces and also them together to just try and get the motion your looking for… Sometimes the best way to learn is just to get your students to play with the stuff and eventually they’ll get it and when they do, they’ll more likely understand the mechanism. Just my opinion…