6 Bar lift not working

We’ve got a six bar lift on our robot and i was driving around yesterday and it just got stuck a few centimetes of the ground. most likely a physical stop bwcause i cant lift it myself when its off. we’ve checked al the motors are working and replaced all the axls to see if theyre bent. all the bearings are fine and cant think of anything else it could be. any suggestions? thanks


How we supposed to help without pics…

Do you happen to use a potentiometer to set the “down” position? If is moved (rotated) slightly it could cause a false down position reached reading.

He said he can’t lift it himself, even when the robot is off.

We are going to need pictures; not being able to lift by hand is surprising.

One potential problem I’ve observed is the internal axle (small silver ones) in the motors coming off. The most common culprit are the two internal axles located in the back (green side) of the motors when putting on/taking off the integrated encoder modules.

Maybe it’s not, but it’s worth a shot.

You may try to check if there are any screws along the gear assembly that are loose and thus stuck or if there is any foreign materials stuck in the gear assembly. Happened to one of my teams before. Hope this helps.