6 bar linkage

How would you make a pivot point in a 6 bar linkage?

Either use axles with bearing flats and shaft collars or screws with nylock nuts. Aura has a helpful article on 6-bar linkages if you need help with general design. http://www.aura.org.nz/archives/672

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I am always scared that the collars will come lose if I use axles for the joints so I always use screws with nylock nuts. They work really well you just have to make sure it isn’t tightened all the way. In our last parts order we bought some shoulder screws http://www.vexrobotics.com/276-1408.html
for this purpose but found the unthreaded section to be to large for them to be practical.

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Danke. This was very helpful. I was spending hours googling what to use for a pivot point in a 6 bar lift, and only found unusable junk.

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