6-Cube tower value when the robot is touching a cube

Need your help to understand this case: A team made a 6-cubes tower but the robot was touching cube #3. We told them that each cube was worth 2 points but they claim that we should separate the robot and if the tower stays, each cube is worth 6 points. Referee training video was not clear about this point. I told them that the robot is separated from the tower only when the referee understand that the tower is being supported by the robot, just to verify it. If I separate the robot and the tower fall then they had no tower and all cubes are worth 1 point. If I separate the tower and the tower stays then the cubes are worth 2 points each because the robot was touching cube #3. Am I correct?

Yes, your interpretation is correct.

  • If a Robot is simply touching a Cube in a Highrise, that Cube and all Cubes above it in the Highrise do not count towards the Highrise Height. They do count as Scored.
  • If a Robot seems to be supporting a Highrise, the Robot will be pulled away gently from the Highrise. Any Cubes which fall off the Highrise during this process as well as any Cubes that were originally being touched by the Robot, or above the touched Cube, do not count towards the Highrise Height