6 motor 2:1 or high speed direct?

So I’m doing a six motor drive, and I’m wondering whether or not it’s better to do a 2:1 chain or direct high speed on it.

Do it as direct as DirecTV

that costs a lot of $$$

And comes without net neutrality… #AT&TOWNSDIRECTV

Do direct

direct high speed


I feel DirectTV is a little extreme for these robots.

Imagine having to pay to go on this forum :.(

If they start charging they will lose a lot of users.

That would suck a lot and i agree with BBBcube3.14 they would lose a lot of users i would be one of them

How heavy is your robot? If you are 15lbs or below you could try turbo. The biggest things to consider are how much you plan to push/play defense per match. If you do turbo, you need to make sure that you have reduced friction as much as possible. Turbo is not for every robot, and I would also recommend high speed, direct drive, because it has a balance of torque and speed. 2:1 requires more space and requires chain, which needs to be tensioned properly, and overall does not provide any significant benefits for the extra effort that you need to put into it.

Chain is way too complicated when you can just do a direct high speed.

I’m not very heavy, but I intend on carrying two mg’s, so I’m probably not going to be able to go turbo unless I do this crazy 7 motor drive thing I might try.

@briancole what is the wheel size you are running. This also depends on robot weight but generally if you run 4 Inch wheels with 6 motors you will be able to sustain turbo internal gearing (2.4:1). If you are running 3.25 you can run a faster gear ratio on 6 motors. This all depends on build quality and robot weight though

4 inch. We don’t even have 3.25 inch wheels.

High speed direct is better. The only way to do 1:2 is through the use of chain. I would advise not to use chain because there is a lot of loss of power during the motor power transfer from sprocket to sprocket.

If you have > 6 motors on your drive you better be running turbo direct

I thought no one would ever answer the question when I started reading…