6 Motor Claw - 202 Slim Margins

This is NOT a reveal. Its just a cool concept we came up with. Keep in mind that this isn’t a fully flushed out design.

Six Motor Claw - YouTube

6 motor lift/claw
6 motor turbo drive

We are not using this for competition. We decided to go with a more traditional design for this year because we are running out of time to perfect this design and some of our team members and mentor didn’t like the idea of using something so out of the box.

The design works through a string and pulley system that is powered with a 5:1 gear ratio that is separate from the actual lift bar. When the lift is all the way down the main lift/claw drive gear can keep spinning down and power the claw. The reason why “shifting” the lift/claw motors between the lift and the claw works in this game is because we realized when we had our pneumatic claw that we really never need to open when we’re lifting, only at the top and bottom.

The release/reset lock allows the robot to open instantly at the top to improve back zone percentage and still allows for full claw control at the bottom. The way the release part works also makes it so when the lift goes down after a dump, the claw is already open. Since there is no claw gearbox, motors, or pneumatics on the front of our lift it is very light. Since the claw is
powered closed by rubber bands there is no extra code necessary to stop the claw motors from burning out.

Bonus points if you can figure out how the instant rubber band high hang works.

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Super cool! That’s awesome

I’ll take two

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That robot is very cool!