6-Motor Drive General Help

Dear all,

We’ve been considering a 6 motor drive, but we have some questions. First, having a 6-motor drive is all well and good, but that leaves us with only 2 motors to spare. We can allocate one to a catapult or flywheel, and then another to the intake/roller, but then how could we expand at the end of the game? We don’t have and cannot afford pneumatics as of now, so we were wondering if the trade-off was worth it.
Also, how does one code a 6-motor drivetrain? We’re using 4 motors as of now, and there’s a preset for that in the VexCode application. How can we code it for 6 motors instead?

P.S. we are using VEXcode V5, the one that defaults to block code–we do use text code, but in that app.

You can use a ratchets or a differentials to assist you in motor sharing.

This video will give good insight on how to fully utilize ratchets.

These should explain how differentials work

As for coding, you should look how the other motors are coded in the template and do the same for the other motors, if not, there are a ton of examples on YouTube.

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Thank you very much! It’s pretty rare to see another Mississippi team on here–I look forward to possibly seeing you at state!

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Yooo, another fellow Mississippian. I hope to see you at state too. This is my first year, and sadly my last so I’ll do my best.


Code for 6 motors:

DriveControlDemo.v5blocks (38.3 KB)
The download has both types of drives and can be toggled between driving modes and which side of the bot is forward. You’ll need to change motor directions to match your bot’s gearing, though.
Feel free to use and modify the code.