6 motor drive programming

Hey I am fairly new to vex and Ive Already picked up on most of the building techniques. I recently ran into an issue when switching to 6 motor drive train, the issue is the fact that I have no idea on how to program and I am a solo team. I’ve always used vex code blocks and I wanted to know if there was a way to program a 6m drive on it; though I would not mind using vex code pro. Please can someone help me through this.

Here’s mine that can swap driving types and front/back directions, but you’ll want to change motor directions to match your drive. I’m about to work on adding a speed control part.
Actually, it will not upload the file so look at my activity and find a different one of my recent posts with the file. I tried 3 or 4 times to upload it, sorry.

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Yes i downloaded the one you sent and im viewing it right now. I believe that the code will work with the controller but i wanted to ask - How will it work ones you try making an autonomous and stuff like that.

Autonomous would be easier than the drivecode shown, in that for autonomous you can just move each motor a certain distance or a certain speed for a set amount of time. You wouldn’t need this code for autonomous. Then again, I haven’t actually coded a working autonomous yet, so who am I to know how it works

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Okay I appreciate your help! you are really a life savior. Have you tested the code yet?

My driver has tested the code it’s based on in a tournament
This code is just a recreation of my other code

Probably can’t upload my other code here

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Im just really struggling with coding the 6m drive : (

Don’t worry, I’ll try to make sure that pretty soon, you’ll be able to code a 6 motor drive by yourself from scratch if you want

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