6 Motor Drive Train With 2 5.5w Motors?

I want to have a 6 motor drive train but I am using 3 motors for my intake/flywheel. Using 2 5.5w motors in the drivetrain would keep me under the 88w limit but im worried about how the 5.5w motors will work with the 11w motors.
My questions are:
-What is the rpm of 5.5w motors?
-Would the 5.5w motors work cooperatively with the 11w motors in the drive train (gears are connecting all 6 wheels)?
-Would using this method make it a “5” motor drive train?

The 5.5W motors run at 200 rpm


In a way, yes, however it would be more appropriate to use the term “55W drivetrain”.


actually 5.5 w motors run at 100 rpm

Wrong. Please don’t post something unless you are 100% certain.

The MARC RI3D did a 55W drive.


They run at 200RPM nominal.


It run at 200rpm per https://kb.vex.com/hc/en-us/articles/10002101702932-Understanding-V5-Smart-Motor-5-5W-Performance


would it be better to use 2 11w motors for the flywheel and have the 55w drive train or have a 66w drive train but use 2 5.5w motors for the flywheel?

1 motor for flywheel is enough i think

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Try both and see which one better meets your criteria


I would just use the 5.5 on the intake because depending on the design it shouldn’t need much torque to work. My team is doing 6 motor drive as well and the intake is a 5.5 and the catapult is an 11 geared up. A two motor flywheel seems excessive for how light the triballs are.

If you want a fast and reliable flywheel, a 200 rpm motor wont cut it unless you REALLY gear it up. What we are doing is a 2 11W motor flywheel. Both are 600 rpm geared up to 3600 rpm, which takes a while to overheat. An 11W flywheel using only 5.5W motors (200 rpm) will probably overheat quickly.