6 motor drive?

My team and I recently just had a meet. After going through this meet I realized how much more important the rollers are than we thought. So to win these push fights for the roller I want to do a 6 motor drive with 4 omnis on the 4 corners and 2 free spinning traction wheels in the middle. But I cant convince my team to come to a consensus on this. What do you guys think? Would a 6 motor drive be worth it? Ill take all the reasons I can get.

why free spinning??


Why wouldn’t you make these powered?

It depends on your team’s level and design. For a catapult, it is definitely worth it, for a flywheel it depends on the skill level of the team. If you look into 1:1 motor cartridges, you can make a really good flywheel with just one motor. I’ve been running 6 motor drive all year, and I would recommend it.


Why not jsut make a 1 motor normal flywheel? Shouldn’t be too hard to just do a 6:1 ratio and make sure it’s low friction.

Because a 1:1 is easier to build, lighter, and has less friction.


well yes, if you make the insert right. but you have to make the insert right. With vex you don’t have too much variability with the inserts, when you make them yourself tho you have to take into account building quality.

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I dont know they dont have to be free spinning. I just wanted to be clear that we will have traction to not get pushed around

6motor drive is worth it.

1: gives you more torque
2: you can make the robot faster and run a higher gear ratio
3: small or no motor overheat
4: you can do everything else with 2motors so ther is no reason not


I’d say yes if they were using a cata, but they’re using flywheel so like 1 motor cata isnt really too great unless flywheel has enough weight to still shotgun three from close range or wtv you wanna call it.

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nah bro lots of teams use 1m flywheels it is completely fine


I’ve seen teams do it effectively too, but like idrk if it will work for some teams who don’t understand that when shooting a disc it uses power and transfers it into the disc in order to shoot it… yk lol

I will help with the code for a 6 motor drive if needed

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iuf you still see this could you help me with the code?

Of course! What part do you need help with?

Search results for ‘code 6 motor drive’ - VEX Forum

This is a pretty common question on the forums so you should be able to find a good explanation. If you have any specific questions not answered already on the forums I’m sure someone is happy to help. I only do Pros so I couldn’t help much if you do Vexcode or the VS extension.