6 Motor Drivetrain Vex V5 Blocks

Does anyone know how to program a 6 motor drivetrain in Vexcode V5 Blocks?

I’m not the coder on my team but I know there is this thing called motor groups that allows you to make several motors act as one

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It’s difficult. You can setup the six motors and fairly easily write code to control them during driver control, but it’s hard (probably impossible) to use the built in drivetrain functionality. Perhaps it’s time to move on to using C++ or Python where this is much more straight forward.


If I type it in Python with it covert the rest of my code to Python?

I have done that with a 4 motor drive but don’t know how to do it with a 6 motor drive.

Here is what we did for our six motor drive.


what portion auton for like a PID or driver control our team uses a 6motor drive and we use codeblocks

Also it is possible to do it using bothe the 4 motor drive train code and 2 motor drive train code but it is both sketchy and unreliable.

Also you could make two three-motor motor groups. It would not be a drivetrain configuration, but it would be better than calling each motor individually.

Edit: Never mind.

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Blocks only allows for one Drivetrain.

Blocks motor groups only allow for two motors.

VexCode & VexCode Pro

Blocks provides teams the basics of getting a robot operational and it will work for a large percentage of teams. The benefit of the Blocks Drivetrain is that it incorporates PID, navigation, and integration with the inertial sensor for accuracy.

If you want to create your own PID or expand the number of motors in a Drivetrain, you need to move to VexCode Pro (VCP). The software is more complicated to use but that is what gives you the ability to adjust the finer details in your program.

VCP does have the same Robot Configuration interface so a programmer can set up all of the motors and sensors on the robot. For example you can configure a 4 motor drivetrain, motor groups, a controller, and arm motors, and it will write the configuration code. Then Enable Expert Programming to add two more motors to the Drivetrain.


You could when they first added it but it’s fixed now.

Thank you all. I was sick and didn’t see this. Thank you SO MUCH