6 Motor HS Drive vs 4 Motor HS Drive

What is the benefit of using a 6 motor HS drive base, over a 4 motor HS base? My team uses 4 motor HS and we find that our drive is very quick, and we do not have a problem dragging around our robot at all. So I ask, why use an extra 2 motors when you can have similar(if not the same) outcome and also be able to allocate them somewhere else, i.e. lift or mogo intake? Thanks.

Using a six motor drive vs using a 4 motor drive is largely dependent on the amount of aggression in your region. If you have a region that likes to push, then by all means, the extra torque on the drive is welcome, whereas if the majority of teams in your region don’t contact as much, then using a four motor base may be better because you can use those motors elsewhere. It’s really based on necessity.

Also keep in mind the weight of your robot. My DR4B did not work with 4 Motor HS.

Also 6m turbo is amazing

The main reason for 6m HS is defense. My 4m HS drive was stalled out in more than half my matches in my last competition and my robot is like 13.5 lbs.

If you’re using enough aluminum, 6 motor is gr8. Just don’t have friction anywhere.