6 Motor X-Drive

So after seeing discussion of this year’s game, I think an x drive would be very appropriate. I’ve fleshed out my design a bit, and I will be ending up with 6 motors available for my drive train. I’m wondering if there’s a way to creatively program an x drive, to allow for the 5th and 6th motors to rotate at the correct speed (they will be on the side, powering two parallel wheels). I assume it would involve using trig to slow down the other wheels very slightly. Does anyone have ideas?

Use. 2.75" wheels on the corners. Change the internal gearings to compensate, if necessary.

Edit: By that I mean change all the internal gearing to speed it all up because you’re slowing down the corners.

Would I then use 3.75in wheels on the side? Does the math actually add up for the vectors to be equivalent? If it isn’t, it could lead to burning out the motors.

Use 4" wheels on the side. 4/2.75 = 1.454 ~= sqrt(2).

From your explanation, it sounds like you’re putting your wheels like this:

To compensate, gear the wheels on the size 1.4:1. The easiest way of doing that is 84:60 tooth gears.

For the programming, use a normal x-drive program for the diagonal wheels and a normal tank drive program for the parallel wheels. The numbers will just work out to be right.

Oh, @puzzler7 beat me to the answer. Their way will work just as well. Program the same way.