6 motor X-drive

How would one go about doing a 6 motor x drive?

The only way I know how to do a 6 motor x drive would be an asterisk drive where the out side wheels are like an X drive but there are 2 middle where… Here watch the video below.

Yes you can. Overload two motors in the same direction with 2 motors each (NW & SE for example). Your holonomic action will not be exactly right but you have a heck of a lot more torque in one direction. The overloaded ones get to the desired speed a lot faster than the other direction. So driving can be weird.

It would work better in a plus holonomic so that the doubled up part is in the primary direction of travel (e.g. toward the fence).

Hey whatdoyaknow, I just made a video on how all teh maths on a non-four-wheeled holonomic drive.


In the case of the video, we did a three wheeled drive.