6 motors driving the wheels - EASY C question

Throwing this out for help on the best way to do this.

We have 6 motors driving our wheels. 3 on each side. We use EASY C for programming.

At present, we use Tank Drive.

We have pulled in a 2 motor tank drive and a 4 motor tank drive to control the motors. We have then mapped the motors to the joystick functions as needed. This works and it does not appear to be slow or jerky.

Question: Is this the best way? Or does a redefinition take place with each cycle and we just don’t see it happening?

Just wondering on advice for 6 motors driving the wheels.

thanks for your help

While this would theoretically work, you might find less bugs if you program each motor individually. Use the JoystickToMotor block. I can’t remember exactly if that’s what the block is called, but it’s under the same category as the Tank block.

Hope this helps!

I can more thoroughly explain this tomorrow, as I don’t currently have easyC with me.