6 Wheel Drive Issue

We are adding two wheels between our current 4 wheels. We are going to link them to the back wheels using a chain. Our front wheels are 4" traction, and our back wheels are 4" Omni-wheels. We are not sure whether to use the Omni-wheels, or traction wheels in the middle, could we please have some suggestions?
(Crappy MS paint drawing, not to scale).

Depends on what purpose you want the third wheels to have. I would suggest traction wheels, but note that VEX traction wheels are actually smaller than the VEX Omni wheels of the same listed size.

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We want the wheels to help us get up the ramp, and to keeps rings out from there. There are rings guards, but if we pop a wheelie, they get caught there and we can’t move. I am also concerned about turning.

Then center traction wheels will help with your turning issues. As long as they co-linear with each other and your robot’s center of rotation (COR), your robot will always turn about the COR (as long as your robot maintains full 6 wheel contact with the ground for the duration of the turn).

Popping a wheelie has little to do with the number of wheels on your robot (4 or 6), and more to do with your robot’s center of mass. I suggest that you spend some time figuring out where it is currently on your robot, and how to move it to a more optimal position.


The issue with popping a wheelie is that when we are carrying a mobile goal, a ring will get stuck where we are about to put this wheel, so we are hoping it helps.

Since when was popping a wheelie a bad thing

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If we do, then we can’t do it again because we have rings under us.

I would use traction but if you are having turning issues then use omni.

That is what we were gonna do. We figured it out. Thanks!



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