6 wheel drive with 3 motors. Someone please explain

I have heard that a 6 wheel drive with 3 motors is really good but I don’t know how the whole mechanism works.

Some people use H-drives. Those drives have 1 extra motor to allow the motor to strafe (move sideways). That wheel is perpendicular to the other wheels. It is extremely popular in VEX IQ. It could also be used in tandem with a roller intake this year to pick up the rows of cubes.
Edit: All of the wheels need to be Omni-wheels. The only downside is that you can be pushed sideways very easily (like what team 62 did in ITS with 2 robots).

3 rows of wheels with 2 wheels each, one on each side and one in the middle

You can do 5 or 7 with strafe wheel or just a 6.

Oh Ok. What I heard was 6 wheels with 3 motors and there are 10 tooth sprockets and 48 tooth sprockets that are connected by chains on both sides to maintain stability. Since if you put the motor speed to 100 it would break the entire system so you need to change the motor speed in the code. CAn someone explain to me what the sprockets are for and what purpose they serve? My guess is they help with stability . Can someone please explain why you would need sprockets connected to wheels and the whole gear ratio and sprocket ratio thing?

So would you have a diagram of what you mean by that?

theoretically you could have one motor turning wheels and the others making them spin