6 Wheel Drive with Mobile Goal Intake

Hey everyone, I’m currently trying to figure out if it would be possible to have a 6 motor 6 wheel drive (direct hi-speed) with the mobile goal intake still within the drivetrain.

Yes, this question is specific to 6 wheel drives, so please don’t answer with “just do a 4 wheel drive”.

I’m trying to get my hands on some CAD software to do this myself but it’ll take at least a day to get, so I’m just trying to find suggestions until then.

Thanks in advance!

I think this is definitely possible. If you use a 4 bar for the mogo lift, then put a bar on each side of the center motor. Looking at our four motor drive and imagining it with 2 extra wheels and motors, I’d say this is a definite possibility.

I have a 4 motor drive and have plenty of room for my 4-bar mogo lift. You have nothing to worry about.

We have a 6 motor 4 wheel drive and 2 motor 4 bar for mobile goal lift. The configuration we currently have (4 bar slightly offset from the wheels) it is extremely close with not much room for error. If you were to place the motors for the lift in the middle of the chassis you should have enough room for direct drive and the lift.

Autodesk has free software for students. Be sure you have a powerful enough computer to run it.

just do a 4 wheel drive